About Us
Light of the World Outreach Center
Light of the World Outreach Center, formally New Light AME Zion Church, was founded in August 10, 2008 by Rev. Allison A. Lightner.  With a unique perspective on ministering to the world, the New Light AME Zion Church began worshiping in Seoul Plaza @ Security Square Mall in Woodlawn (Northwest Baltimore County), Maryland. After less than two years, the New Light AME Zion Church out grew the Seoul Plaza location and on May 2, 2010 began worshiping at the Lord Baltimore Drive location.
In January of 2015, after five years of dedication and service, the New Light Church withdrew from the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Through the Divine guidance of the Holy Spirit the New Light AME Zion Church was transformed and re-launched as Light of the World Outreach Center. LOTWOC operated under the Apostolic Covering of the Set the Captives Free Pastoral Alliance under the apostolic leadership by Dr. Karen S. Bethea. 

2016 was another milestone year for LOTWOC.  With a desire to do ministry on a greater level the Trustee Board began searching for a large facility.  Through a might move of God the church procured at 4,000 square foot building.  With the undertaking of a major renovation project the building was transformed to a one hundred seat capacity.  In addition to the beautiful sanctuary edifice includes; a nursery, children's room, youth room and plenty of space for increased ministry needs.

In January 2020, with the elevation of the Rev. Lightner and birth of Kingdom Lighthouse Assemblies; LOTWOC withdrew from the Set the Captives Free Pastoral Alliance and became the first church of KLA. With the pastoral office being vacated by Overseer Lightner,  Dr. Michael A. McNeill was installed as the second pastor of Light of the World Outreach Center. 

members of the congregation are committed to doing the work of the ministry. Through their faithfulness the ministry has grown and many lives are being  changed. God has a specific plan for the leaders and members of this great congregation.  Our desire is not to count numbers to dictate our greatness.  We believe we are already a “mega-church”, for we are "mega" in praise to our God and "mega" in love for God and His people.

Light of the World Outreach Center

We are the light of the world
We are a city set on the hill;
To be the visible voice and presence of God in our community.
Our faith in God;
Our hope in Jesus the Christ;
And the power of the Holy Spirit working in us
Has transformed and renewed us – mind, body and spirit!
We are a people SOULED out for God.
This is the place where the people of God keep getting BETTER!