Pretty Girls Academy

Pretty Girls Academy
PRETTY Girls Mentor Program was established in April 2014. The purpose of  PRETTY Girls Mentor Program is to build, strengthen and empower girls and young women through building positive self-esteem and body image; to give them the tools to overcome depression, bullying and peer-pressure.

Our goal is to minister to girls and young woman—mind, body and spirit; through Bible centered teaching, health & nutrition classes,  abstinence/celibacy education, appropriate dating practices and etiquette training. 

Why the PRETTY Girls Mentor Program?
After many years of working in a public high school and watching young ladies go through bad situation after bad situation the Lord pressed upon to begin the PRETTY Girls Academy.  A lot of what our girls and young ladies go through stems from low self-esteem, self hatred, the need to be loved and giving into peer pressure.  I believe that if enough positive women, from different backgrounds and life experiences pour into this generation of young women, it will make a positive difference in their lives.  Moreover, they will avoid many of the pitfalls that ensnares many of our young women.

How did you come up with the name PRETTY Girls Mentor Program?
When I had my daughter in 2006 I didn't want her to suffer from poor self-esteem or feeling unloved.  So every morning when I would wake her up I would say, "Wake up pretty girl; come on pretty - pretty, it's time for pretty girls to wake up." I always knew I would start a mentor program and when the time came, because of my daughter and the desire to see her and all girls and young women become well rounded, well adjusted,  positive young women, I named the mentor group PRETTY Girls.  PRETTY then became an acronym to have more depth and meaning than just the physical attributes.  My cousin Angela Wise, after hearing the mission of the mentor group change PRETTY from a word to action - Powerful, Remarkable, Extraordinary, Talented, Terrific, Young.  I added academy because this will be a time of learning to be the girls and young women that God has designed them to be.

Why ages 6 - 16?
Many studies have shown that girls begin suffering from poor body image as early as 12 years of age.  Why be reactive when we can be proactive?  I believe we should begin to instill positive body image and build girls confidence and self-esteem in their elementary years. In doing so, when they reach the hard to navigate pre-teens they will already have the emotional foundation and tools to prevent them from loosing themselves. 

What are some of the things that will take place at PRETTY Girls Mentor Program?
Abstinence/Celibacy teaching, safe dating practices, health & nutrition instruction and etiquette classes.  Our desire is also to expose our girls and young ladies to the arts.  We will plan trips to the museums, plays and operas, etc.

I want to enroll myself or a PRETTY girl in the program, how do I do that?
Just click on the link "PRETTY Girl Mentor Program enrollment form" and complete the registration.  A parent or guardian must register PRETTY Girls.
If you have any questions, would like more information or are considering being a mentor with PRETTY Girls Mentor Program please contact us at